Why a mobile app will boost your                e-commerce site sales?

Current 1.6 Billion mobile commerce customer base will increase by 25% by the end of 2017. Mobile commerce customer base will increase by staggering 400 million within just 8 months. Amount of people who are making m-Commerce transactions via their smart phones and tablets is growing significantly which opens great new modes of business for opportune seeking entrepreneurs.

Keeping these statistics aside, what really make this mobile usage growth exciting and interesting to entrepreneurs is people do make frequent transactions via their mobile devices than standard laptops or desktops. When people have ease of access and security they will be attracted to make transactions. That’s the opportunity which entrepreneurs should exploit for their advantage.

Though the above explanation is sufficient to understand why mobile app will increase your e-commerce or your m-commerce sales, as entrepreneurs are  always looking for more reasons to understand the situation (Rightly so) I have pointed out 5 reasons why you should consider moving to a mobile app for your e-commerce site.

1. Personalize the shopping experience to optimize customer loyalty

Personalized push notification feature available in mobile apps will let you send messages and notifications regarding promotions, upgrades and important product news to customers which enhance the customer engagement.

Wonderful blend of push notifications and in-app rich messaging has created a truly powerful solution which is fully driven to improve conversion, engagement and revenue.

2. Mobile Apps Will Continue to Grow

As technology continues to evolve, so too will the growth of eCommerce apps. In this opportune moment entrepreneurs should utilize this by figuring out a way to make it easier for a customer to purchase goods or services by simply tapping a button on their phone. Innovative technology like “Apple Pay” makes it possible for consumers to complete an in-store/in-app purchase by simply holding their finger to their phone for immediate identification and approval. This prevents the need for the customer to spend time waiting in line or having to walk through additional steps to fill out detailed information or personal data.

3. Meeting cross channel customer demands

Now customers’ demands you to have a mobile app for your own store. May it be a startup or a well-recognized brand, people tend to search the mobile app in iStore or Google Play to get a better understanding about products and easy access to the store.

Among customers mobile app is becoming very popular as they are now more into many transactions via mobile with the increased sense of security in mobile transactions right now.

According to recent research from Weve, Vodafone, O2 and EE’s joint mobile marketing network, 46% of 18- to 34-year-olds said mobile was their “first screen.”

4. Customers Like eCommerce Apps

Most significant advantage that mobile apps offer to a retailer is the ability to communicate and personally engage with the customer. One of the things a retailer worries about is how to unobtrusively remind a customer that they exist. This reminder can prompt the customer towards a purchase without providing the opportunity for them to unsubscribe from a newsletter or avoid that company altogether. Research suggests that consumers truly enjoy using mobile apps: studies show that 89% of consumer media activity occurs on mobile apps. Not only can the right app help attract loyal customers, but it can also reward them with a more convenient and interesting experience.

5. Facilitating payments and check-out

With the ever-improving features of smartphones and smart devices, making payments via mobiles and tablets is more easy and secure than before.

Users can be given the option of making the payments (completing the checkout process) via e-banking apps, digital mobile wallets, credit cards, debit cards and even more.

Currently many countries have make regulations and vendors have customized their processes to iPhone Touch ID to allow payment authentication via Apple Pay.


So as a conclusion there are many reasons which suggests that you should move to a mobile app for your ecommerce site as it will definitely increase your sales with improved customer loyalty.

If you have not already created a mobile app for your e-commerce site, you are already late. But don’t be even more late because then you will never catch the train to success while your competitors will enjoy the train ride to success with loads money in their accounts.

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